Scrap Metal Recycling

Pacific Metal Group Pty Ltd is a scrap metal recycling company based in Melbourne’s inner western suburbs.


Call us now to set up an account with us, and let one of our experienced representative’s visit your company and assist you in creating a streamline service which will handle all of your scrap metal needs.


We supply all sizes of bins ranging from small 3-m3 factory floor bins, through to large 30-m3 Hook bins for companies producing large amounts of scrap metal. Custom built bins can also be manufactured at our cost, to suit your unique needs. Methods of payment for your scrap can be any one of, or a combination of EFT, Cheque or Cash.


When it comes to rates for your materials, Pacific Metal Group Pty Ltd offers some of the highest rebates for your scrap metal materials. Companies or entities who choose to deliver their scrap metal to our yard can also take advantage of our rebates. We pay cash, as well as cheque & EFT for all of the following products and much more, give us a call or visit our facility for an on the spot competitive quote.

Aluminium Scrap Metals:

Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Wheels / Rims, Aluminium Pots, Pans, Miscellaneous Items, Aluminium Cans, Aluminium Cast, Aluminium Swarf / Turnings, Aluminium Sheets & Rolls

Brass Scrap Metals:

Brass Solids, Brass Swarf / Turnings



Copper Scrap Metals:

Copper “ Millberry” (Bright Stripped Copper Wire), Copper Pipe & Tube, Copper Insulated Wire (PVC), Copper Pots, Pans & Miscellaneous Items, Copper Sheets, Copper Electric Motors

Stainless Steel Scrap Metals:

Stainless Steel Sinks, Pipes, Rods & Sheets, All grades most commonly including 400 series to 304 & 316 grades


Steel Scrap Metals:

Universal Beams & Columns, Parralell & Tapered Flange Channels, Box Tubing / RHS, Angle Lines, Profile Cut Scrap Metal, Cast Iron, Car Bodies, White Goods & Corregated Sheets & All Steel Off Cuts